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What is it?

Haemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels around the anus that can cause bleeding, itchiness and pain. There are two types of haemorrhoids: internal and external. Internal haemorrhoids are inside the back passage where the rectum meets the anus. They are the enlargements of the normal cushions of blood vessels.

They may be aggravated by straining and constipation. When enlarged they may come down through the back passage in a process known as prolapse. External haemorrhoids are on the outside of the back passage and are covered by skin. These are enlarged due to the stretching of the anal skin, as may occur during childbirth or straining. 

How is it treated?

Rubber band ligation is the most effective treatment for large internal haemorrhoids that bleed and prolapse. It involves grasping and holding the haemorrhoid with a special instrument (or using a suction device) and simultaneously placing a rubber band around the base of the haemorrhoids.



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